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WEIGHT-INFO focuses its research on the construction of a web-based information system to support citizens, particularly those predisposed to overweight and obesity, allowing them to respond to risk factors through lifestyle changes and other appropriate measures. The scientific basis of WEIGHT-INFO are the results of many medical strudies performed in the last decade in Europe and United States. All these sources of information, such as those reported in the Cochrance database and publications (e.g. Effective Health Care, 11/97) agree on issues, such as:

More that 10% of the whole European population can be considered as affected by obsesity and more than 30% are overweight. The trend is increasing and is becoming homogeneous from the North to the South of Europe.

More that 10% of the whole European population can Overweight and obsesity are direct causes of the increase of pathologies and mortality: they are common conditions associates with several chronic diseases which can shorten life expectancy, like cardiac diseases, diabetics etc.

More that 10% of the whole European population can Weight control with even a small decrease in weight (up to 5kg) may be associated to positive effects on health with a substantial cost saving for the health care systems.

More that 10% of the whole European population can There is a direct link between the family environment (for children), the working environment, the style of life and the social environment, and the prediposition to overweight and obsesity. Recent medical studies are also reporting the link between the prediposition to overweight in children and the lifestyle of their mothers during pregnancy.

The results of these studies and the indications contained in strategic plans of Europen Governments (e.g. in the strategic report Health of the Nation from the UK NAtional Health Care System) ahow clearly that overweight and obsesity are going to become one of the health care emeregencies in the next two-three years in Europe.

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