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The objective of the USbone (Ultrasound in Bone Fracture) project is the development of a wearable device used for the monitoring and acceleration of bone fracture healing. The system aims at replacing today's methods, such as manual sensing and X-rays for the monitoring of progress of bone healing. The wearable device is plugged onto the external fixator and provides with a communication module permitting continuous access of the orthopaedician to the patient and data on the bone fracture. This personalized system helps track, manage and interpret fracture healing findings and offers advice to both patient and medical doctor. The system provides with ultrasound measurements, which are processed by an automated intelligent system to provide locally and remotely (to the doctor) with an accurate diagnosis. Multiple wearable devices are connected wirelessly to a centrallised system used for the monitoring of more than one patient.

For further information on USbone project, please visit the USbone Website.

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