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Yl@tis - Human Resourse Management

With Yl@tis-HRM you can administer the entire payroll system from entry of data to payment of an employee.

It is designed for virtually all types of enterprise ranging form local business to large organizations, especially Government and Semi-Government organizations.

The effectiveness of this system provides you with a vast amount of information at your fingertips and provides the necessary flexibility to adopt dynamically the increasing needs on the generation of payroll and human resource management.


The system is designed to provide a flexibility that allows it to adapt to the changing needs of a company.

It is broken down into various sections:

  • Payroll
  • Employee Management
  • Provident Fund
  • Other Funds
  • Leave Management
  • Scales
  • Each individual section provides access to a variety of information for each employee but also interlinks with other sections. The availability of information is necessary with a number of people in an organisation, and employee data is a vital information accessed and processed by different subsystems as a unique identifier.

      Expected Benefits
    Yl@tis-HRM provides you with highly detailed reports that can give you all the information that you require. The results presented are accurate and follow all requirements by law. The information presented can help you identify changes that need to be made e.g. changes to employee details.

    The records kept in the system allow you to keep track of information, loans for example can be tracked until the last payment is made, this allows for continuous control over all aspects of pay at all times.



    The system itself is highly secure. The use of Oracle provides an extremely low risk of any violations. Yl@tis-HRM provides a system that allows you to observe and make changes to data. This flexibility allows for more accurate records, yet does not reduce the dynamic and power of the system.

    The advanced design reduces the work that is to be done manually, for example issuing cheques, union reports and provident fund information, this is time-saving and provides greater efficiency. Yl@tis-HRM is a vital tool for all organizations that have their sights set on the future.

  • Allows for an infinite number of employee
  • Multiple Companies
  • Retrospective pay calculation
  • Monthly / Fifteen Day
        Weekly / Hourly payment availability
  • Unions
  • Benefits/Loans/Automatic Payment Cuts
  • On-line / batch processing
  • Calculates overtime for the previous
        and current period

  • Creates/Prints reports for government
        departments e.g. income tax, social insurance
  • Automatic calculation of Provident Fund
  • Check Issuing
  • Form Handling: IR63, IR7, IR61, IR59
  • Provides an internal company loan system
  • Dynamic Report Generation
  • Financial Analysis tools
  • Detail information on Provident Fund, Leaves,
       Payment Scales are on additional leaflets
  • Download the pdf here.

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