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Yl@tis MTX-Demos

Yl@tis-Demos supplies you with a fast, accurate system that works with you. It simply provides an automated system based on your municipality’s existing

procedures and systems allowing great flexibility in finding, controlling and analysing different forms of information based on your needs.



Management of records is no longer a challenge as Yl@tis-Demos offers an efficient user-friendly environment.

This allows information to be easily organised. Municipality officers are able to find and handle all records in detail increasing overall support and efficiency.


  Expected Benefits
  A complete registry of all properties and citizens that have activities within the municipality region is kept. Information such as taxation, services and all communication with the citizens, are organized around the properties and the citizens as well as their activities.

Included in the registry are also citizens who are not residents but have various activities within the municipality. From the registry you are then given the ability to produce reports or enquiries on any person for statistical or other purposes.



The use of one system under the same RDBMS provides a system that has all the benefits of a modern system. One such benefit is its high security, which combined with the easy access provided for a user and the ability to interface with all Government Departments creates a system that will improve your existing efficiency and quality.

Yl@tis-Demos allows easy expansion and growth as your needs and requirements expand and grow therefore providing a flexible yet dynamic and powerful system. This makes it understandable why Yl@tis-Demos is vital to municipalities.


  • Integrated registry:
    • municipality
    • property
    • ownerships
    • civilians
  • Compatible with Government standards
  • Centralized Cash Office
  • Taxations - Production and Payment of bills
        Creates/Prints licenses e.g. alcohol, cigarette,
        dogs etc Service charging (parcel cleaning,
        Article 17 etc)
  • Inspection of food preparation shops
        (EU standards)
  • Parking fines
  • Court cases
  • Garbage collection
  • Advertising signs
  • Civil Marriages
  • Costing (Cars / Jobs)
  • Centralized Payment orders
  • Internet Payments through Banks
  • Minutes Tracking
  • Complains processing
  • Applications e.g. building licenses, divisions
  • Interface with GIS/document management
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